For 100 years, since the early 1900s, the growth and popularity of Gospel Music can be traced all across the Southern United States. From those early days a music publishing “power house” emerged in Dallas, Texas, named The Stamps-Baxter Music Company.  Through that Texas company there began a continuous stream of talented singers, song writers, music groups, gospel music promoters and publishers which is still flowing today.

The Texas Gospel Music Museum and Hall of Fame was established 30 years ago to make sure that the rich heritage and tradition of Gospel Music through those many decades is preserved and remembered.  Almost 100 very gifted Texans, both individuals and groups, have been inducted into our Hall of Fame. The Museum continues to grow its impressive collection of music related memorabilia and historical artifacts.

Special THANKS to Calvin’s grandson, Justin Wills, for the fancy logo design for the TGMHF (seen on the Museum page) with the “singing shaped notes”, and also to Clyde Saverance (the new Lone Star design above), our Gospel Music friend from Coleman, TX.